Our Story

The Sultan is a labour of love. The owner, an aficionado of Singapore culture and heritage, painstakingly put together ten conservation shophouses to create a hotel that is a grand tribute to Singapore’s glorious and colourful past. The Sultan houses 60 guest rooms, of which no two are the same. Each room at The Sultan brings its own adventure and story; one just has to take a minute to savour the beauty and history in the details.


Faithfully preserved and recreated from traditional shophouses, The Sultan retains many beautiful architectural features that hark back to a time when Kampong Glam was a bustling shopping and trading district. Tall columns, wide arcs, and beautiful full-length shuttered windows – all these architectural features have been lovingly restored for our hotel guests to truly experience the old Singapore charm. Guests will find themselves surrounded by modern luxuries and creature comforts even as they get to live and breathe the splendour and intricacies of old Singapore.



Kampong Glam


Derived from two Malay words, Kampong, which means village, and Glam, a type of tree that used to be abundant here, Kampong Glam was the area allocated to Sultan Hussein Shah in 1823. The neighbourhood was also home to the Malay and Arab communities, who made a living selling foodstuff and merchandises.


After Kampong Glam was declared a conservation area in 1989, its rejuvenated allure has attracted locals and tourists alike, who converge here to enjoy its eclectic mix of traditional and modern shops and eateries.